Eleanor Whichello Does #FoxinFlatsStyleDare

To summarise I have not improved in taking selfies, but it has been a fab, fun month which has reminded me of lots of things in my wardrobe. I only missed on and I may even get round to it yet! I am hanging up my iphone camera now for a little while. Looking forward to the next #FoxinflatsStyleDare.


So I came across the  for July and thought seeing as I work on my own a lot of the time and *sometimes* might slip into the odd fashion rut/don’t make the effort as I know no one will see me, I should give it a go. Here you can see my attempts and successes throughout July. I might even improve at taking selfies. They are so much more difficult than people make them look!

Day Thirty One – I Just Love This …

Final #FoxinflatsStyleDare It’s been a fun month! This was probably my favourite dare of the whole month and it does also mean that I don’t have to stress over my inability to take selfies for a while. Today I am wearing an aquamarine necklace my father gave my mother and I wore on my wedding day. The matching earrings my mother had made for me for the day. Jo Malone Wild Bluebell perfume, which I am obsessed with and reminds me of New York and sunglasses, because I just love sunglasses!

Love, love, love! My favourite pieces

Love, love, love! My favourite pieces

Day Thirty – Mixed Prints

So I took this as mixed animal prints. I toyed with the idea of a floral blouse with stripes, but that needed ironing! So here we have my snakeskin pumps again vs my zebra print (well if Zebras are bright blue) maxi dress.

Mixed (animal) prints

Mixed (animal) prints

Day Twenty Nine – The Eyes Have It

So following the make up lesson we had with Nadine Pyke I thought I had mastered smokey eyes. Well let’s just say the result wasn’t quite what I was aiming for, but I was late for meeting a friend, so had to go with it. The eye shadow is an electric blue, which my mother gave me and worked really well for this. I think I just need to work on my smudging! Also didn’t realise I had run out of eye make up remover until I got home at 11pm. Fail!

Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes

Day Twenty Seven – Romantic

My romantic is a combination of a floral (almost ditsy) print skirt and a lace knit. I love the little bow inside this jumper and it even has hearts on the label! I’ve added a pair of heart earrings and a heart necklace bought for me by my husband. Think he might be bored of helping me take photos for this now though! Finally I have pretty in pink nails and am holding one of the beaded flowers which make up one of my Eleanor Whichello bridal hairpins.

Romantic look and romantic jewellery

Romantic look and romantic jewellery

Day Twenty Six – Black Out

This is a mix of day and night. Friday night I was 100% all black. Black low back sequin dress, killer black heels (so glad there wasn’t a long walk from the car to the venue) and a black fascinator. I had to cheat a little on Saturday as it was 32 degrees, so black lace skirt, black wedges and my black sun hat.

Almost all black

Almost all black


Day Twenty Five – The Orange Lip

OK so no orange lipstick and I was too busy all day to get any from the shop. I rarely wear lipstick, so I figured any colour would be a challenge for me. Here is Sandwash Pink by Bobby Brown.

Sandwash Pink Lippy Bobby Brown

Sandwash Pink Lippy Bobby Brown


Day Twenty Four – Fabulous Flats

I was very glad to don some flats, after wearing heels yesterday and not remembering that I cannot drive in them until I was already in the car! Thank heavens for automatics. These little beauties are Kurt Geiger. I think they are about 4 seasons old, as I bought them for our honeymoon. They didn’t like the sand very much!

Kurt Geiger Snakeskin Sandals

Kurt Geiger Snakeskin Sandals

Day Twenty Three – Wrap, Twist or Fold

I opted for a twisted, wrapped and plaited bun (lots of beading to do today, so don’t want my hair in my face) and my stripy dress which sports a twisted flower and folded, twisted sleeves. I guess I ignored the “or” and went for overkill.

Twisted plait bun and stripy twist flowers

Twisted plait bun and stripy twist flowers

Day Twenty Two – Pins With A Punch


Aside from a skiing scar I quite like my legs, so this #FoxinflatsStyleDare was a fun one for me.

Legs, legs, legs and a stripy jersey summer dress

Legs, legs, legs and a stripy jersey summer dress

Day Twenty One – Textured

After thinking that I had nothing textured in my wardrobe I actually had serious indecision. Do I wear my heavy black lace skirt or my Banana Republic boucle skirt? Then I found my vintage scarf which has a beautiful, delicate silver thread running through it. I could probably use this for the Mixed Prints style dare, but I really enjoyed wearing my £1 vintage scarf.


Eleanor Whichello Vintage scarf and boucle outfit

Day Nineteen/Twenty – Sexy Tresses and Flashback

Having been away all weekend (see my latest post) I was hard pushed to complete these two style dares, but then I figured out how I could cheat a little. This picture was taken at my friends Aimee and Richard’s wedding about 3 years ago. The theme was 20s, which was great fun and all the guests looked amazing. So my flashback is the photo and the 20s flapper dress I am wearing. This is perhaps my most favourite dress of all time that I have had the pleasure of wearing. It is a heavily beaded flapper dress in antique pink, which I had to borrow from work, as it was sold out. Sadly I had to return it!

#FoxinflatsStyleDare_Sexy Tresses_Flashback

Aimee and Richard’s Wedding 20s Theme

Day Seventeen/Eighteen – Forgot I had This and Rock Star

So another multi tasking style dare. My wardrobe has very little in the way of rock star pieces, so I went for a black sequin skirt and a white top with black lace inserts. To bling it up a bit I added my “forgot I had this” piece, which is a heavy green and brass necklace by Made. It is handcrafted from recycled glass and brass in Kenya. They are a great company specialising in unique, fair trade jewellery. My final touch was to add a pair of black filigree earrings from Bijou Brigitte, which I got last time I was in Vienna.


Eleanor Whichello Goes Rock Star

Day Sixteen – Hides 1000 Sins

This dress is the answer to any day then you are feeling a little bit lumpy and bumpy. I have worn it and washed it so many times it is all faded. More grey than black. I remember rushing out to buy it in my lunch hour as soon as it was released when I was working for Kew.


Kew Flower Bow Dress

Day Fifteen – Ear Bling

I can’t get enough of my Alex Monroe gold bluebell earrings. I love when the bluebells come out in the spring. I have a few ideas for a collection of headpieces inspired by the lovely bluebell. Just need some more time!

#FoxinflatsStyleDare_Ear Bling

#FoxinflatsStyleDare Ear Bling Alex Monroe Bluebells

Day Fourteen – Comfy Chic

I saw some old friends in London today, so I needed comfy shoes for all the walking round town. I chose my H&M snakeskin (fake obviously) ballet pumps. I love walking round London rather than taking the tube, as you get to see so much more. Beautiful views over London bridge.

#FoxinflatsStyleDare Comfy Chic

#FoxinflatsStyleDare Comfy Chic for London Wanderings

Day Twelve/Thirteen – Party Girl and On Your Head 

Girlie holiday was the perfect setting for these two style dares. Thank you to my lovely friends for painstakingly curling my hair and doing my make up. Are the rollers the “On The Head” or the orange flower as the pretty finishing touch?!


#FoxinflatsStyleDare Party Girl and On Your Head

Day Eleven – RE:Boot

Hmm well today is holiday day and I am not sure boots are the best for jetting off somewhere hot, plus there is no way with Easyjet’s weight/size allowance that I can fit them in my bag on the way back. However, I have proved anything is possible and have RE:Booted not once, but twice. First thing this morning I was sporting my wellington boots to hang the washing out. They have a heel don’t you know! Right now I perched in my office wearing high heeled black suede and patent ankle boots and they have tassels on the end of the laces. Hell yeah!


#FoxinflatsStyleDare Booties

Day Ten – Gives Me Great …

I could have got carried away with this one and as it is I did have three things I focused on: My tweezers … gives me great … eyebrows My lovely nail polish … gives me great (and shiny) …nails My lace top … gives me great … shoulders


#FoxinflatsStyleDare Gives Me Great

Day Eight/Nine – Curled/In-Jeanious 

Ok another double whammy. Curled my hair with the straighteners, rocked out my denim mini (every woman should have one) and paired it with a denim stripe jacket. Probably wouldn’t have got away with this if I had been working for anyone other than myself, but my office dress code is lax.


#FoxinflatsStyle Dare Curly In-Jeanious

Day Seven – His

I really struggled with this one. My husband had nothing I thought I could make into an outfit. We both love stripes, so I thought I should be able to find something stripy. In the end I put together something that I am pretty sure should have stayed in the 90s or been featured on #tbt. It can’t have been too much of a disaster or too masculine as he didn’t even notice I had pinched his shirt until I pointed it out.

His Shirt, My Belt

#FoxinflatsStyleDare His

Day Six – It’s All White

Ok so I had to cheat just a little bit. I added a colour pop – my favourite Jigsaw scarf in bright pink!


#FoxinflatsStyleDare It’s All White

Day Five – Sparkles

Day 5 was made for me! I am a complete magpie and was very happy to see a challenge where I could embrace as much shiny, sparkly, glimmering aspects into my outfit. I went for a vintage/Art Deco theme, mainly because I was desperate to wear my bugle bead jacket from New Look (absolute steal in the sale when I had only popped in for some leggings). I blinged up my wrist with a pearl and crystal bracelet to match my engagement ring. For another vintage pop I wore my great grandmother’s garnet cluster ring and, not one to miss an opportunity for shameless self propaganda, my Rose Art Deco Tiara. I think I could have blinded any magpie that came near me!


#FoxinflatsStyleDare Sparkles

Day Four – Americana

So I was very excited about getting to dress American flag styley for the 4th of July’s #FoxinflatsStyleDare. Imagine my horror when I realise I own a million stripy tops, but NOTHING with stars! I had to hit the bottle…Well decide, that seeing as we were going away for the weekend to celebrate a friend’s birthday, that maybe we could have a little cocktail party and make 4th July cocktails! My contribution to Americana is therefore red, white and blue clothing, including stripes, but the stars had to be added to the American flag inspired cocktails.


Pimms (Uk) in one hand, $th July Cocktail (USA) in the other


American Flag – Red, White and Blue Stripy Cocktails With Stars

Red White and Blue

Americana Me

Day Two/Three (oh dear already failing) Red Lipstick and Tuck It!

Ok so may have been rushed out of the house by the husband yesterday morning, so was not allowed time to apply the lushious red lipstick, so today will be a double whammy. I kind of think it has worked out well with some nautical stripes.

Eleanor Whichello Red Lippy Style Dare

Eleanor Whichello #FoxinflatsStyleDare Day 2/3

And now for the combo with a bit of stripe thrown in (can’t beat a stripe)!

Eleanor Whichello #FoxinFlatsStyleDare Day 2/3

Eleanor Whichello #FoxinflatsStyle Dare combination! Red Lippy and Birdie Belt Tuck

Day One Neck Party

Not sure I totally got this one. Should probably have adorned myself with a few more bits. I had to fight the urge to wear some of my stock. I am so in love with the Lucia Pendant. Anyway I resisted and instead wore the Tiffany pearl pendant from their Ziegfeld/Jazz Age Glamour collection, which was a 30th birthday present from my lovely friends. I love this piece, as it is so classic and has the most gorgeous setting which is art deco inspired.

Eleanor Whichello Bridal Accessories Tiffany Pearl Pendant

Woo Eleanor Whichello #FoxinFlatsStyleDare Day One