ADAC Does Weddings

So my ADAC (fab company offering great European breakdown cover for nice prices) arrived this morning. I normally just glance at it because a) it is in German and it hurts my head to try and understand all the technical motoring words and b) it is mainly about car related things. I once had to translate an entire article about the Nürburgring for my husband. I learnt some words I will never need in German conversation.

Imagine my surprise when I discover a whole 4 page spread on weddings! Never again shall I banish this magazine to the recycling bin before I have explored its entire contents. There were some interesting statistics on the amount of couples tying the knot in Germany, but there was also a great feature on unusual wedding ceremonies and venues.

It seems you can say “I Do” anywhere you wish nowadays. There was a couple marrying in an old plane and I don’t mean an old fighter plane I mean a commercial aeroplane from the 80s.

My absolute favourite was the couple who got married underwater. The bride was in her wedding dress and accessorised with scuba gear! To top it off there was a turtle in their wedding photo. A turtle! At least the bride signed up for this unlike the poor girl in Don’t Tell The Bride whose husband arranged for her to get married in a swimming pool in Staines.

Underwater Wedding


They had pictures and tips on the wedding carriages as well, as any good motoring magazine naturally would.

Tractors are becoming increasingly popular as the mode of transport for the bridal party, but vintage cars are still stealing the show. This old Opel Kapitän has been romantically decorated with a gorgeous heart wreath. A lovely update on traditional ribbons. Good job they probably don’t go too fast though, as you don’t want to lose all the petals on the way to the church/plane/aquarium!

Floral Car Decoration


I’m not sure all brides are ready to embrace venues quite as unique as featured, but it is great to see the new, wonderful ideas couples come up with when planning their wedding day.

Have any of you lovely readers tied the knot somewhere unusual?