#proposalplans – “Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves”

So ladies to quote Annie Lennox “Sisters are doing it for themselves”. In an age where the definitions of traditional male/female roles are changing why don’t you take control of your future rather than leave it to the man in your life.

So if you are a traditional girl there is the leap year clause. Every leap year on the 29th of February women traditionally could propose to their man. If the man should refuse the proposal then historically he was required to buy the jilted lady 12 pairs of gloves, so that she could cover the embarrassment of not wearing an engagement ring.

Perhaps you just prefer to be in control of your own fate and think if you love someone why should you wait for them to move your relationship forward.

Or maybe like building a life together and as a good grounding for marriage, you could do it together like this couple.


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